True Story Films | Creating the Dream
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Creating the Dream

Creating the Dream

It’s not every day you get approached to recreate the lifestyle of a multi million-dollar lottery winner but that’s the task that was given when E.B. Lane asked us to team up for another spot to add to the Wonderful campaign we started in 2011.

Being an avid Arizona Lottery player myself, I’ve often dreamt of what it might be like to live the life of a jackpot winner. They say money can’t buy happiness, but we all know how that really goes- a few extra vacations thrown into your year whether it be taking off on a jet somewhere special for the weekend or renting an RV to travel the states for a few weeks is sure to put a little extra pep in ones step. When the E. B. Lane creative team drafted the ‘Adventure‘ spot a lot of these excursions were brought to the table- our job was to make it a reality… all within budget, of course.

At TSF, we live for pre-production. It’s where my work days often turn into work nights and unfold into early work mornings but it’s also where the real magic happens… and we needed some magic on this one. Scenes to create included the purchase of the wonderful winning ticket, a warm, inviting mountain lake location right after a record cold snap, a mega RV driving sequence complete with a passenger side camera rig and last, but not least, a beautiful private jet positioned just perfectly on a sunset drenched tarmac.

Throughout the spot, we traveled the state of Arizona to capture the adventurous persona of our talented couple. Starting in Phoenix, we turned a local flower shop into the ultimate lottery retail store. With unpredictable weather in February, and knowing we needed a picturesque campfire set-up we took the ‘gamble’ (note the client!) and decided to travel the crew to Prescott, AZ for this scene. With weather being on our side for the day, we set up a romantic campfire scene at the beauteous Lake Watson and hiked up a ways for an amazing scene with the dells and Arizona sunset as our backdrop. We split the crew up and traveled towards Sedona with the EPIC hitched to the side of the Winnebago and a camera in tow with sticks adhered to the bed of a pickup truck. We finished our shoot on the tarmac of Cutter Aviation where our hero couple approached the a Gulfstream 200 that whisked them away. (They later came back to reality and boarded their Southwest airlines flight back to LAX)

I always love doing work for the Arizona Lottery and maybe that’s why I’m so fond of playing. It really could be anyone that wins. For now, I’ll keep dreaming about the adventures I would take after a big win but lucky for me, I’ve got a job that allows me to be part of creating that dream (even if it is for someone else)… and that’s still a win in my book.

By: Katelyn Fukayama
Production Coordinator
True Story Films